Our beginnings in the field of Engineering 35 years ago

Cauce’s beginnings date back to the field of ENGINEERING 35 years ago. We started doing infrastructures such as hydraulic, irrigation and road works, as well as many other typical works of a developing country as it was the Spain of the late seventies. As the technological development progressed we evolved towards a more refined engineering working in the fields of the Industry and the tertiary sector.Nowadays, we still work in the field of engineering with a closer approach tonew technologies such as communication and house automation.

The 80s and Urban Planning

In the late 1980's we began our URBAN PLANNING businesses in response to a growing demand of urban developments. This is how we evolved from building industrial and retail constructions to great housing developments, both for the Spanish and European market of the Spanish Mediterranean Coast of Levante, with all kinds of complements such as golf courses.

Land management as a result of our professional career

When we reached the level of specialization in which we had an excellentcommand of the legal and execution aspects of urban planning with all its services (water supply and purification, power supply, communications and other services), we moved to the next natural step: LAND MANAGEMENT from a business point of view, initially for our clients and then for our own developments.

Risk Management Building

The following step in our business career was to enter the BUILDING world. We started designing and then building all types of industrial and retail constructions,since those were the most demanded types of construction of the 1990s. Later on, at the turn of the century, we undertook housing development projects, at a national level first, and then for European residents – specially for English citizens-. Those years when the economic situation was buoyant led us to a fast but controlled growth, since we never took any risk which could hamper our business career. At that time we founded our own macroeconomic department supported by Economic and Financial Studies that allowed us to predict the great economic crisis of 2007.

Services Internationalization: Latin America and Northern Europe

Since we were able to predict the real state and economic crisis we managed to survive it and to even come out successfully from it. In 2009 we understood that Spain would be damaged for years and, consequently, we only had two possibilities: the emerging countries or Northern Europe countries with high purchasing power. We had a positive INTERNATIONAL experience in Panama until the crisis taught us that massive cash injections from developed countries are going to push emerging countries into a major crisis. This is already starting to happen so we strive for Central and Northern Europe.

New approach: Building Rehabilitation

In order to be able to work in those European countries that are being least affected by the crisis and in a high purchasing power market, we moved part of our businesses to Majorca since we believe it is the ideal framework for them. We also understand that the building business has to be redirected towards the REHABILITATION of buildings since the consumption of resources of new residential complexes, not only of land resources but energy and other kinds as well, render them unsustainable and we believe future lies in a less environmentally aggressive activity.


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