Honesty, sacrifice and creativity are the principles on which our company is based

The Group’s philosophy lies and has always lied, throughout its 30 years of experience, in developing both private and public construction projects comprehensive management, with absolute professional integrity and ethics and based on the experience accrued throughout the years while renewing our businesses in order to adapt ourselves to the permanent changes that today’s society requires. The Group develops its businessesunder the premises of exclusiveness and now-how and directs its efforts to offering an excellent service intended for a highly dynamic and demanding market. Thanks to our understanding and studying of the global macroeconomic economy we were able to predict the crisis in sufficient time for adapting to it and, after making the appropriate changes in our business strategy, to be experiencing a period of vigorous expansion. As a result of the economic resources generated over the years prior to the crisis we are now able to expand despite the lack of funding since we can access projects in a much better position than our competing companies. In Cauce we process all information through state of the art technology that allows us to manage documents and communicate with clients, suppliers, contributors, investors, etc. by means of External Portals as well as business processes automation and control by way of Reports (Business Intelligence).

Our team

Cauce relies on a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in all its business activities whose level of training includes: Engineers, Architects and Architectural Technicians, Bachelor and Technician Degree Holders and Specialist Technicians.


In addition to our experience in land management and industrial, retail and residential developments, Cauce has always kept a close professional relationship with all kinds of organisations, carrying out substantial projects both for private companies and for public administrations such as:
  • Ministries, Regional Governments, Local Administrations and Councils.
  • Public Organizations and Foundations.
  • Industries as well as Property Development and Construction Companies…



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